There are 2 types of tools on this page. On the left, you’ll find games 和 calendars for families to use to make their home an 必威体育登陆首页. 在右边, you’ll find resources to help teachers 和 parents partner together to provide meaningful movement opportunities that progress students toward physical education 和 social & emotional learning outcomes. Check back often for updates.

由: 尼克•克莱恩, 亚伦哈特, 丰富的诡计, 布莱恩。德沃尔, 布兰登Herwick, 吉姆DeLine, 林恩Hefele, 坦纳鲁斯, 将波特, 罗斯Chakrain, 迈克尔-伍兹, 本Pirillo, 克里斯蒂娜·考特尼, 香农马利, 阿希礼锋利   特殊贡献: Lori Rose Benson, Deedi Brown, Jennifer Truong, Asia Kehl

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30-Day HIIT Fitness Program


  • 叶子走(同理心 & 关系)(PDF新!
  • Fitness Forward Choice Board [PDF, 新!
  • Hello Summer Choice Board: [PDF, ] 新!
  • 公开高尔夫球比赛:[PDF, ] 新!
  • Complete 必威体育登陆首页 Packet: [PDF只]
  • 跳绳押韵:[PDF, ]
  • 大满贯球:(PDF, ]
  • 快乐豆袋:[PDF, ]
  • 眼罩必威体育登陆首页:(PDF, ]
  • 舞会:(PDF, ]
  • 舞会创意卡:[PDF, ]
  • 健康甲板:[PDF, ]
  • 健身UNO:(PDF]
  • 健身组织图:[PDF]
  • 运动形状:[PDF]
  • 有趣的独家新闻:[PDF]
  • 降落伞传递:(PDF]
  • 快速削减:(PDF]
  • 足球槌球:(PDF]

DEAM日历(D罗普 E的推崇 And M奥维)

20秒或更多 嘻哈公共卫生

Activities Designed for Physical/Social Distancing

  • 移动ment Made for Now Complete Program : [PDF]
  • 地板胶带小组游戏:[PDF, ]
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor Games: [PDF, ]
  • 伪装的游戏:[PDF, ]
  • Invisible Dumbbell Stations: [PDF, ]
  • Shadow Sports Activities: [PDF, ]
  • Tabata Fitness Stations: [PDF, ]

Physical Education at 首页

  • 2-Week Physical Activity Log English (K-12): [PDF, , GDOC]
  • 2-Week Physical Activity Log Spanish (K-12): [PDF, 词, GDOC]
  • 首页 Physical Education Parent Letter English: [PDF, ]
  • 首页 Physical Education Parent Letter Spanish: [PDF, ]
  • At-首页 UDL options for students with special needs: [PDF(新!)

Elementary 首页 Physical Education Content Packets

Secondary 首页 Physical Education Content Packets


  • Hype The Breaks Dance Videos: [LINK]

More from OPEN National Trainers

Guided YouTube Lessons for Elementary Students (坦纳鲁斯)

Meditations (Victoria Otto)

  • 深呼吸:[VIDEO]
  • Alternate Nostril Breath: [VIDEO]
  • 身体扫描10分钟:[VIDEO(新!)
  • 我是冥想:[VIDEO(新!)

瑜伽流 & Functional Strength (Victoria Otto)

  • Modified Sun Salutation: [VIDEO(新!)
  • 指令s to Modified Sun Salutation: [VIDEO(新!)
  • 瑜珈对于体育: Where can she be? 30分钟瑜伽流:[VIDEO(新!)
  • 拜日式的日出 & 阳光之乐:[VIDEO(新!)
  • Functional Strength for Arms & Abs:(VIDEO(新!)
  • Functional Strength Hover Planks: [VIDEO(新!)

儿童早期 Resources (Laurie Gombash)

  • ABCs of 移动ment on YouTube [VIDEO] (新!)

More From OPEN National Trainers

Concept Lessons for Elementary Students (林恩Hefele)

  • 健身:[VIDEO]
  • Cardiovascular Endurance: [VIDEO]
  • 肌肉力量:[VIDEO]
  • 灵活性:[VIDEO]
  • 身体成分:(VIDEO]
  • Fitness Assessment (Teachers): [VIDEO]
  • Fitness Assessment (Students): [VIDEO]
  • 技能健身:(VIDEO]
  • 敏捷:[VIDEO]

Video Challenges (Mike Morris)

Teach PHYSED Website (本Pirillo)

  • Weekly At 首页 Resources (LINK)

Activity Calendar (Jason Steele)

  • 家庭体育日历:[PDF]

Online Teaching 和 Learning Tips (布莱恩。德沃尔)

  • 老师的建议(PDF)
  • 管理员提示(PDF)
  • 父技巧(PDF)
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