The Professional Responsibilities Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with outcomes-based resources focused on communicating with families 和 community members, 和 growing 和 developing professionally. Like all resources, these files are meant to be guiding models that can be edited 和 customized to best meet the needs of your professional path.

Professional Responsibilities Introduction

OPEN contributors 和 national trainers continue to work hard to provide our members with flexible tools to elevate the physical education profession. This resource center has been created to provide resources that can be customized to best match your personal professional growth pathway.

规划 & 准备 Contributors

Thank you to the following content contributors:

  • 吉姆DeLine, 洛丽·邓恩, 亚伦哈特, Mike Martinez, Mike Miller

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Family Communication

The following resources are focused on providing parents 和 care-givers with information about your instructional program as well as fostering family engagement in your physical eduction program.

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Take 你的 Parent to PE Week Resources (Sept 23-27, 2019)

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